Modern Registers

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Modern UK Electoral Registers

The UK Electoral Roll is a database containing 44 million names and addresses of those who are eligible to vote. British, Commonwealth, Irish or European Union citizens living in the UK, are required by law to provide their name and address for inclusion.

Since 2003, two versions of the register of electors have been produced. The full version contains the names of every voter but public access to it is strictly controlled. The edited version is available for commercial sale, can be bought by anyone who asks for a copy and be used for any purpose. It is this voters roll that can searched online through companies like (you can get some information for free but there is a fee involved to get all the details). Approximately 25 million people are on the latest edited 2012 Electoral Roll

Findmypast provides searches of the latest electoral roll, telephone directory data and historical directory information.

Also The Genealogist has access to the 2005 London Electoral Roll.

Electors can choose when registering whether to be included or excluded from the edited version.

The full register lists everyone who is entitled to vote. The UK Credit reference agencies are allowed to use the full registers, but only to check a name and address if someone is applying for credit or to prevent money laundering. It is a criminal offence for anyone who has a copy of the full register to pass on information or use it for any other purpose.

Between August and October each year, an electoral registration form is delivered to every home which needs to be completed and sent back to the electoral registration office. The new Electoral Register is published on 1 December.

If someone is not included on the register published on the 1st December each year or the details are out of date, then the local authority is now able to add, amend or delete the details to a rolling version of their Electoral Register on a monthly basis.

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